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Bed Bugs

Bed-bugs are usually found in unhygienic conditions inside bedrooms as their name tells. They have a flattened appearance before a blood feed and are about five millimeters long with the look of a rather wide flea, reddish brown in color. They hide under the buttons and increases of old mattresses, behind wallpaper, skirting boards and cracks in the floor.

They are wingless so they can’t fly or jump like the flea. They are active during the night and have been known to drop from ceilings onto beds.

They can survive without a blood feed for up to a year. Bites can cause welts to appear on the skin with three rows of puncture marks being characteristic. Itchiness and irritation affect some people more than others.


Cockroaches, which hide in the kitchen behind cupboards and toilets during the daytime,. They feed on many things, including tissue, leather and paper. Their insect order is Blattodea and gave rise to the termites over 300 million years ago. They are regarded as pests because of a number of factors, some being their characteristic odor, reproductive abilities, contamination of food by their droppings and regurgitations and the spread of diseases.


Termites are insects that feed on wood and live inside wooden furniture, cardboard, paper and even concrete walls door frames. They live in groups. Their activity weakens strength of our home and leaves it susceptible to damage and destruction. It is amazing how much damage can be done by such small creatures. So don’t leave this as unnoticeable and it is necessary to hire a pest control services company that specializes in eradicating termites.


Rodents are considered to be unhygienic and can spread diseases

Rodents have to be treated as soon as possible as they may contaminate your food or water supplies. Because of their sharp incisors they tend to chew on things, which indicate that they can cause a great deal of damage around the house by chewing on furnishings. Rodent droppings can be messy, and may contribute to an unhygienic environment; therefore it is important to eliminate them effectively.

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